Sustainable, durable and sumptuous materials are at the forefront of our designs. We source the finest full grain leathers across our collections. There are various grades of leather: full grain the highest tier, to the lower reconstituted/bonded leather. Below we have included a brief on the grades of leather, respectively. 

Full Grain Leather

Unaltered: no sanding or corrections the hide has not been weakened. Inclusive of all natural grain and is the highest quality of leather available. Tiny pores may be visible on the top surface. Tactfully organic and colour thickness is minimal. Ideal for high use items. Full grain wears more gracefully. Tougher fibres within this layer are highly resistant to wear and condensed grains form a moisture resistant barrier.

Top Grain Leather

Genuine grains aren't present from light sanding on the top surface revealing a second layer resulting in a relatively weaker hide. Minimal alterations can mask imperfections and can compromise the leathers' functional strength. A variant of top grain is corrected leather that encompasses a multitude of processes which achieve a uniform appearance and generally wears faster. 

Split Suede


The most inner layer which contacts the flesh of the animal. Less resistant to staining due to the absorbent surface.

Nubuck Leather

Top grain leather, with a velvet like surface, from sanding or buffing on the  grain exterior. Soft to touch, scratches easily and can be prone to water staining.

Reconstituted/Bonded Leather

Colloquially termed "genuine leather", fourth grade leather, made from left over, weaker pieces of the hide and degrades faster.