Transparency is principle to our values. We provide details on the constituents of our materials to further visibility in our value chain and especially to those who are actively passionate towards sustainable consumption.
​We have searched the globe for the finest craftsmanship; solidifying invaluable partnerships with artisans across Europe and Asia, unparalleled in their craft and thoughtfully considered in each piece they create. All our leather goods are then meticulously hand finished as well as designed in Australia.
​Our packaging is inspired by the finest linen mills in Italy, featuring an iconic Classic Grey textured linen print which adds a lively touch to the packaging and an allusion to our brands ethos. Certified 100% FSC RECYCLED A000509 from responsible forestry.
What is 100% FSC RECYCLED Packaging?
 Products with an FSC Recycled label support the re-use of forest resources and use only post consumer recycled wood or fibre in accordance with FSC standards. FSC standards exclude any illegally harvested timber; forests where high conservation values are threatened and genetically modified organisms and violation of people’s civil and traditional rights.
Kraft Mailer Box
​Crafted from 100% FSC RECYCLED A000509 responsible forestry.
Black Mailer Box
Made from 80% recycled material, is 100% recyclable.
Reusable protective phone cover pouch
Our handcrafted weather resistant pouch is highly durable, abrasion and water resistant. Please place your leather items inside your reusable protective pouch when not in use, to extend the life of your item. Designed with repurposing in mind, reusing your protective pouch contributes positively to a reduction in waste and consumption. Your pouch has been carefully considered with selected materials, specifically designed to minimise risk of any colour transfer to your leather items. Crafted from durable synthetic 100% Nylon (outer) and 100%  Polyester (inner) lining.
Tissue paper
​Eco friendly 100% recyclable.
Polishing Cloth
​100% Organic European herringbone cotton sourced from a GOTS (Global organic textile standard) certified supplier. In order to be certified organic cotton, the source must be cultivated from organic plantations in which the seeds are classified GMO (genetically modified organisms) and free of any chemical processes. Our fabrics are produced by exceptional know how; highly skilled experts in combination with traditional practices and advanced technology, producing a premium weave enhancing strength, whilst the softness guarantees delicate care of the leather. The polishing cloth removes dust alone when no product is applied.
Organic Cotton spray bottle pouch
​100% Organic European cotton sourced from a GOTS (Global organic textile standard) certified supplier.
Leather care Organic Spray
​The complimentary Leather care kit ensemble, will extend the life of your item, allowing you to enjoy your leather products for longer. Our leather care sprays are certified organic, solvent, propellant free and safe for the environment. Spray a small amount of Leather care organic spray onto your polishing cloth (not directly onto leather as you will oversaturate it) and apply in gentle circular motions.
Avoiding rubbing the leather; at minimum apply once a month to maintain the integrity of the leather. We take pride in informing consumers about the best way to take care of their leather items, to extend the use and reduce regular consumption. Longterm results lead to a deduction of waste and greenhouses gases, thus, contributing to a healthier environment and for future generations to come.
Cards & Envelopes
 Our greeting cards and care cards are crafted from 35% cotton and 65% ECF (elemental chlorine free) wood-free primary pulp from responsible sources. All applications on our paper adhere to 100% recyclable, neutral PH papers produced in an alkaline environment reducing the risk of corrosive reactions after disposal; one of the most limiting factors in aquatic species distribution. Absence of heavy metals and responsible forestry certification FSC C012975. Our suppliers are also certified in ISO 14001 EMS (Environmental management system) which provides structure to organisations in enhancing and monitoring their productivities pertaining to environmental sustainability.
Gold certified Leather Working Group
​We source exclusively from tanneries who have been certified ISO 14001 and have been awarded top tier gold accreditations with the LWG (Leather Working Group) in environmental compliance and eco friendly leather.  Harmful chemicals are prohibited into the tanneries. Our partners are members of the Blue Angel group which provides a comprehensive structure in waste disposal, water management systems, monitored emissions and the absence of harmful consequences on the environment and employees health.
​All our leathers are byproducts of the meat industry. Utilising animal skins for leather products is a sustainable alternative to incinerating the skins, promoting a circular economy whilst reducing greenhouse gases.
Carbon Neutral Certified Leathers
We exclusively partner with tanneries who are committed to ongoing research and improvement in their sustainable management systems.  Our leathers are Carbon Neutral certified, which means a commitment to a reduction in green house gas emissions; our tanneries utilise solar panels for efficiency of energy production as well as exclusively purchasing only electricity from certified renewable sources.
An ongoing strategy has been successfully in place to reduce water and chemical consumptions. A broad range strategy has been strongly implemented to have achieved these extraordinary results and certifications; subsequently the inclusion of incorporating and collaborating with several offset emission programs, a strong strategy in place to maintain their environmental vision.
Biobased Certified Leathers
"Leather is a completely renewable material"
Renewability means having a renewable cycle of between 1 & 5 years in balance with the natural cycle of the ecosystem. Unlike non renewable resources, such as plastics and synthetic fibres and PU leathers (Polyurethane), which impoverish the ecosystems and will not be available for future generations. Utilising renewable resources helps reduce the use of non-renewable fossil based raw material.
Our Leathers have received certification to a high renewability of its hides, containing up to 90% biobased material which means our leather is renewable up to 90%.
Phone cover lining OEKO-TEX 100 & Carbon Neutral Certified
​Our microfibre phone linings are soft and durable to enhance the protection of your phone and reduce the likelihood of scratches and damages. Our linings are OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified ensuring environmentally safe and socially responsible textile production. Certified carbon neutral, defined as an offset reduction from credit in CO2 emissions produced from their productions to achieve net zero.
 We utilise carbon neutral certified materials; certified by TUV SUD in the fabrication of our products and support companies with new innovations and visions towards a carbon neutral design industry.
​Woven edge satin ribbon is certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS); manufactured from recycled bottles diverted from landfill, the entire transformative process is monitored by the GRS.
Natural Fibres
​Our priority is to reduce harmful waste in the production of products in the global consumer market. We utilise raw materials responsibly as much as we can with continual research to improve our products. Essentially sustainably sourced cotton, wood, paper and leather constitute a large part of our designs due to their ability to degrade in a short time of 1-5 years, relative to their counterparts; polyester, polyurethane, nylon and plastic materials which can take 10's to 100's of years and in some cases longer!
Synthetic Materials
​When we utilise synthetic materials for aspects of our design, we centre a non-linear approach uniting recycling and circularity. ​We are dedicated to ensuring that all aspects of our products and packaging can be recycled and or reused.