Sustainable product innovation forms the primary structure of our decisions, from design to final product. We are dedicated to engaging in research towards the finest innovative and environmentally responsible systems available, within the scope of virtuous design. Our aim is to promote circularity, incorporate suppliers who are accredited in sustainable transformative processes which include a reduction in: water consumption and CO2 emissions, sustainable waste management systems, safe working environments and a reduction of chemical substances during transformation, fabrication, finish and safe disposals. Ubique Italy is committed to strengthening and expanding our networks whilst improving designs throughout current and future supply chains, who encompass well established values, to propel into a more sustainable and integrated global fashion landscape.
Sustainability of Products
It is our duty to provide an immersive multi-sensory experience: our finest materials preserve the authentic leather aroma, is intriguingly tactile and aesthetically refined without compromise to the environment. Our proposed range of colours offer maximum visual impact with real added value; ecology united with colour. Utilising Co2 neutrality, we can offer the most sustainable collections available. Additionally we utilise  bovine and calf leather across our entire collections, an organic raw material. The utilisation of organic raw hides promotes a circular economy whereas the hides would otherwise be incinerated, increasing harmful CO2 emissions. We exclusively partner with tanneries who are accredited with top tier environmental certifications: Leather Working Group and Blue Angel, which advocate our strategy in sustainable transformative processes converting raw hides to valuable finished bovine leathers. Ubique Italy is dedicated to enduring research, expanding awareness and advocating sustainable innovation within the global consumer market.