A unique palette spans our collections, from timeless shades to the more audacious. Each tone is carefully considered: reminiscent of the charm of Italian seasons and a profound inspiration from the enchanting Italian landscapes and architectures of ancient Italy. Our collections are an embodiment of understated flair, synonymous with our contemporary matte finished leather and protective slimline designs, appropriate for any milieu. 
​Our leathers are sourced exclusively as full grain European hides and are environmentally responsible. We meticulously undergo a stringent quality control processes before they are dispatched to our artisans and after we have received our collections in house.
​At Ubique Italy we are committed to producing enduring pieces, surpassing seasons. Our close relationships with our partner tanneries have allowed us to incorporate function as well as design; with uniquely infused qualities: scratch, stain and fade resistance through application of eco friendly finishes. Consequently the maximum tensile strength is maintained, as we utilise only the strongest portions of each hide.
​Our signature Grand classic and Petite embossed grain, is intentionally applied to our collections, to deliver an alluring and organic tactile experience. Meanwhile reducing the obviousness of scratches and an enhanced grip, thus, complimenting the durability of the leather pieces allowing your enjoyment for time to come.