Since 2019, Ubique Italy has built and nurtured a community that supports a sustainable vision, advocating growing awareness towards a reduction in perpetual consumption from synthetic fast fashion; to a focal shift on artisanal precision rather than mass production. At present the high replacement rates of mass synthetic and machine produced products causing harm to the environment is unsustainable. The increased volume of synthetic and toxic waste disposal has contributed several issues: disruption to natural ecosystems, increased air and water pollution and the release of toxic gases. We aim to educate consumers to elicit well informed decisions based around environmentally responsible consumption.
Utilising our virtuous model structured within our environmentally conscious supply chain, we propose to advocate a reduction in the carbon footprint, minimise water consumption and reduce chemical uptake, thus creating a better future for generations to come. We hope to inspire consumers to live more harmoniously within nature through conscious consumption, as a step forward and pave way to: environmentally conscious, refined, durable and good value leather products, as an investment for themselves and the future.