We source premium full grain sustainable European hides. Our leathers undergoes a multitude of chemical free processes in order to increase the durability of our leathers. Please be aware our products have been treated with environmentally friendly water based finishing products and are water and stain resistant, not water or stain proof. To extend the durability of your item please apply our complimentary organic leather care spray included in your leather care kit at least once a month, to maintain water resistance and protect your items. Do not spray directly onto leather as you will oversaturate, instead apply a small amount onto the polishing cloth first and the gently wipe the surface, avoid rubbing.
We encourage users to keep their leathers away from dark coloured fabrics or objects which can leech their dyes, as this may cause permanent colour transfer onto our lighter leather pieces. If the product has been in contact with darker fabrics such as denim jeans, other darker clothing or objects: for example dark inks and colour transfer has occurred, in this way Ubique Italy is not liable for damages under defects in warranty and in reference to our leather care policy.
We recommend you keep the products out of direct heat and sunlight for extended periods, as there is a risk colour may fade resulting in areas of uneven pigments. If your item has been exposed to water or heavy rainfall, gently remove water with a light coloured absorbent cloth, and pack several layers of this cloth on the wet areas of your item and leave to dry.
Over time your leather piece may show signs of age: marks on the surface or a  slightly shinier finish, these are normal signs of ageing for a well adored item. If you do notice marks on your leather, please use a slightly damp light coloured cloth and lightly move in circular motions until mark has disappeared.
Please avoid sharp objects or heavy friction as this will damage your leather. We do not recommend items to be taken on extended walks and exercise endeavours or into high humidity/heat environments. If light scratches are present these may attenuate if gently massaged in circular motions with a light cloth or application with our organic care spray protectant. If placing your iPhone into tripod cameras with tight clasps we recommend removing the case first. Our phone covers are not designed for rugged wear, they are luxury leather phone covers and would need to be treated with care.