From the rolling emerald and golden hills in Tuscany, to the cascading bright blooms which herald the arrival of a glorious Italian spring; nature is at the heart of our ethos.  Founded in 2019, Ubique Italy committed to a quest for sourcing the finest materials with an innovative edge, with uncompromising quality to sustainable design. Profoundly inspired by the alluring palette of the Italian country and coastal towns and the old world charm of Italian architecture, our collections compose features of design to recall the romance of Italy; timeless silhouettes unified with elegant style.
Drawn inspiration from natural textures, has imbued a sense of warmth and serenity into the collections, whilst contributing homage to the endangered art of old world craft, as each piece is carefully handmade. With our bespoke complimentary monogramming, your leather items can be uniquely individualised for an endearing possession; a testimony to the wildest dreamers and courageous souls whom which curiosity is piqued, by the unforeseen journey of self discovery.